Meet Our Team

Licensed Broker, Robert

Born and raised on a farm in the Midwest, I was brought up to care for my neighbor and when they needed a hand you did just that. I am a Marine forever an always; if you know one, you understand. When I met Jack Vidro his enthusiasm for what he does and kindness towards others solidified my decision to make this career another opportunity to serve. Assisting others in preparing for their future is what Definitive Solutions Brokerage is all about and I am proud to be a part of it!

Licensed Broker, Mike Whalen

As a former college athlete and avid outdoorsman I am well aware of the necessary work ethic and attention to detail it takes to be successful at the highest of levels. After starting my professional career in education I quickly recognized the need to provide financial security to families in need. My passion within the industry comes from the ability to find the necessary protection to each and every client.

Licensed Broker, Jackie Corso

I spent most of my career leading teams in Marketing and Operations for various major Cable Networks, but feeling unfulfilled like something was "missing";
I wanted to use that energy, urgency and all my time to help people and make a difference in their lives. What better way than to protect them and their families with financial services that would help with final expenses, mortgage protection, providing for their retirement and the future of their beneficiaries.

I've made it my mission to become an expert in these fields and to work 24/7 brokering for my clients! Finding them the best coverage that best meets their needs and budget.

And selfishly, I am now feeling fulfilled!

Licensed Broker, Albert Siu

My name's Albert and I have served four years in the Marine Corps., six years in the Air National Guard and four years in the Army National Guard. What I love doing is serving my country and community, which I still do today. I work full-time as a fire fighter serving my community and part-time as a Broker with Definitive Solutions Brokerage LLC. By helping families prepare for when their loved ones are gone by ensuring the family they leave behind are taken care of financially.